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London Terrace Residence. Learn more., Matiz Architecture & Design | Remodelista Architect / Designer Directory

London Terrace Residence. Learn more. Photo: Ty Cole.

Matiz Architecutre & Design is an interdisciplinary design firm providing exceptional architecture and design services.

At MAD, our dedicated team benefits from a diverse array of skills, influences, and perspectives joined by a passion to invent and inspire. Form and function are seamlessly interwoven and evolve into creative design solutions that are dynamic and reliable, bold, technically proficient and experienced.

99 Reade Street Loft: A growing family and the need for a complete renovation led to creative solutions for a traditionally open 1,700 sf loft space located on the sixth floor of a landmark building in Tribeca. A contemporary kitchen and two bathrooms complement the materials palette used in the living areas. Learn more. Photo: Andrea Brizzi.

Strawberry Frog: MAD brought the 90-person agency's brand to life in the expanded space with a new stair connection, highlighting the red and green color palette throughout. Using environmentally-friendly materials, and creating an office that reflects Madison Avenue's future of doing business, open spaces lead to a collaboration between account services and designers. Learn more. Photo: Ty Cole.

Soho Loft: On SoHo's East side, we reorganized existing spaces to best accommodate our client's desire to host social gatherings while retaining an intimate living environment. New furniture and lighting complement this loft's contemporary design while collectibles add life and splashes of color. Art is prominently displayed on multiple surfaces using a variety of materials and textures. A suspended wood panelled set of doors discreetly hides a large storage closet. Learn more. Photo: Ty Cole.

Chelsea Mews Duplex: The complete renovation of a duplex loft is inspired by a simple and honest application of materials. A green glass tile datum defines the entry threshold and simultaneously connects the kitchen and travertine covered bathroom space across the stained wood oak floor. Custom furniture in the form of suspended volumes provides efficient storage on the long walls that hold the loft. Efficiency meets beauty at this ninth floor loft. Learn more. Photo: Ty Cole.

Waverly Place Townhouse: Formerly a multiple family dwelling, MAD converted this landmark building into a single family residence. The rear exterior was completely rebuilt and an elevator was introduced to provide convenient access to all six floors. The project's focus included the conservation of existing details and the restoration of the building's exterior while simultaneously modernizing it in a respectful manner. Learn more. Photo: Ty Cole.

Tribeca Loft Penthouse: Located in a loft building on Duane Street, this expansion is highlighted by the private outdoor roof space, accessible by a new folded steel stair. The stair opening transmits natural light to the center of the 2200 sf residence. The exterior features outdoor activity areas and various types of vegetation which have several positive environmental benefits. Learn more. Photo: Ty Cole.

Etsy Offices: Located in Dumbo, Brooklyn, designed for the world's most vibrant handmade online marketplace, we transformed a raw space into an Etsy world. A series of open workspace areas and acoustically controlled environments were generated providing access to natural light. Core common spaces are contained within two continuous curved walls permitting passage and reinforcing transparency. Handmade materials are introduced promoting the brand and contrasting the loft space. Learn more. Photo: Ty Cole.

Pratt Security Booth: A cast in place concrete base is seperated from the copper roof by a modulated storefront of aluminum and glass.This small building designates the entry to the historic Brooklyn campus. The structure is composed of a folded copper roof plane, providing enclosure for a simple volume of concrete and glass. The materials are derived from an understanding of context. This project has been selected for architecture exhibits throughout the Americas. Learn more. Photo: Ty Cole.

Neurological Center Townhouse: We expanded a 5,000 sf townhouse on the Upper East side to more than 9,000 sf by extending it horizontally and vertically. The enlarged seven story building was converted to a healthcare facility, primarily occupied by a growing Neurological practice. Learn more. Photo: Ty Cole.

Neurological Center Townhouse: We expanded a 5,000 sf townhouse on the UESto more than 9,000 sf by extending it horizontally and vertically. Copper paneling and large glass openings animate the context of the rear terrace above the fully built out ground floor. Windows offer tenants a variety of proportions for interior program distribution. An animated facade enjoyes multiple shadow opportunities for occupants. Learn more. Photo: Ty Cole.


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